The only customizable iOS & Android mobile app solution to manually secure your most coveted releases.

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About Us

The Manual Solution

Welcome to MyAlerts, the most effective manual alternative to secure every upcoming product and release.

Fitted with complete drop information and fully customizable restock notifications, every drop and restock is designed for your success.



Everything you need in your
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Personalized Alerts

MyAlerts is the only service that lets you choose which items you want to be notified on instantly. With push-notifications completely filtered, you’ll only receive what’s important.


Information Hub

Get access to an entire database of Releases fitted with Full Drop Details along with organized Site Lists, Raffles, and Stock Numbers.


Completely Compatible

MyAlerts is perfectly designed for both iOS and Android, making sure you’re completely notified and in the loop for all releases, no matter what device you own.

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Broad Coverage

Customize and receive notifications on highly coveted items, including Shock Drops, Exclusive Sneakers, Gaming Consoles, Graphics Cards, Food Deals, & more.


Made for humans

Truth is: You don’t need a bot to succeed. MyAlerts makes manual releases great again, providing real opportunities to get real results without any use of bots.


Simple & Affordable

MyAlerts is a cheap alternative with a simple design constructed entirely for beginners and veterans alike to secure the most desired items.

Supported Retailers

Your Alerts. Your Way.

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Your Questions Answered

How do I Join?
You can join at any time by visiting the Apple or Google Play store on any iOS or Android device.
Does MyAlerts work on both iOS and Android?
Yes, MyAlerts works on any mobile device.
How much does MyAlerts cost?
All MyAlerts users receive a 7-day free trial with no future commitment. $6.99 after, cancel at any time.
What countries does MyAlerts support?
MyAlerts supports only United States residents.